Fuzzy Little Distractions

I was hoping by now I could have reported successful completion of the 12 Days of Christmas sampler. I thought, surely if I apply myself I can finish it up.

But I didn’t. I’ve been a little distracted the last few days.

Specifically, I’ve been distracted by the sudden appearance of a sink full of cat:

2014-01-23 13.12.21

Was that there when you moved in?

We’ve yet to determine how they feel about the colorful bits of string flitting about while I’m stitching, so hopefully I can get back on track. They’ve successfully venture out of the bathroom and taken over the rest of the apartment. The shy one (the gorgeous gray and white dude on the left) has finally left the smaller bedroom and is lounging in a lovely patch of sunlight. The decidedly less shy one has been kind enough not to sit on the keyboard yet, instead opting for the carpet behind my desk chair. I have yet to find any misplaced poops, and while they use my cabinets to stretch, they don’t scratch them.

Sweetest lumps of fluff you could imagine. They’ve been either at a shelter or a foster home since they were about a month old, and I can’t believe no one took them home before now. Sadly, they’ve outgrown the itty bitty kitty committee just enough that no one who goes in thinking, “I want a kitten!” would give them a second look. Also, because the gray one is so redonkulously shy they had to go as a pair.

BUT that’s not to say I didn’t accomplish anything. I just haven’t accomplished anything since they showed up. I did make some substantial progress on 12 Days. I finished all the blocks and the titling, and now I just have to finish the border. That border is no joke. I did half of it before the Pumpkins released the rest of the pattern, and it took me a solid 15 hours. Ouch. The second half has been going faster, but it’s still going to take time.

9 ladies dancing

9 ladies dancing

10 lords a-leaping

10 lords a-leaping

11 pipers piping

11 pipers piping

12 drummers drumming. You can't really read it, but there's green text with "rat-a-tat" under the 12.

12 drummers drumming. You can’t really read it, but there’s green text with “rat-a-tat” under the 12.

Ever so much fun! I have to say, my favorite part of the whole pattern is the cow right above block 12.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go clean cat fur out of my bathtub.

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