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July Already?!

No really, how did that happen?

Work has been ridiculously busy. As far as I’m concerned, it feels like it’s still sometime in June, but when I turned around the summer was half over.

First of all, how about some WIPocalypse questions? It’s been so long since I checked in that I’ve forgotten how to spell WIPocalypse.

Reality or Fantasy. Which do you prefer to stitch? Figures or Abstract?

I’m kind of in the middle on this one. I prefer to stitch recognizable motifs, so we’ll call that figures, but I prefer my pieces to be more abstract than a realistic scene. Serenity Harbor does not remotely fit into that, since it’s definitely a full scene, but the majority of things I stitch are more abstract samplers. I always bookmark pretty, realistic patterns, but I usually don’t pursue them because I know they’ll take forever and a day.

Jumping back to June, Do you find yourself more productive with stitching in summer or winter?

Definitely winter. It seems like I never have free time in the summer, and when I do have time off I’m just exhausted from work. Life is a little slower and cozier in winter, so I find more time to stitch (as opposed to collapsing in front of Netflix in an exhausted heap).

So how does the stitching look? I still haven’t finished the border on Sea to Shining Sea. I started the June block of Story Time (Peter Pan) but haven’t picked it up since June 3rd. I think I’ve stitch Peter’s shirt and that’s about it. I’ve added about five stitches of water to Serenity Harbor, so I’m still working on May’s stitching. That sampler is pretty solid all the way to the bottom, so I bet I don’t catch up.

Personalized a touch for Dante, Elihu, and Marvin.

Personalized a touch for Dante, Elihu, and Marvin.

I did finish Furry Friends. This is by Country Cottage Needleworks, with a few personalized changes. I also changed the color palette so it’s less pastel. I actually meant to take the blue a few shades darker, more of a royal blue, but oh well. I stitched this for my brother’s birthday; the stitching was finished in time, but the framing wasn’t. Better late than never.

Believe it or not, but that frame did NOT give me splinters. I'm pretty surprised.

Believe it or not, but that frame did NOT give me splinters. I’m pretty surprised.

As far as I know, my brother isn’t into crafts, but this was well received. I generally don’t stitch gifts, so this was a pretty meaningful piece for me to work on.

A start and a finish.

A start and a finish.

This is Strawberry Bunny from Just Nan. I have a bunch of Just Nan ornaments in my stash, and it’s about time I started on them. The berry charm is pretty heavy, so this is not weighted evenly. I haven’t quite figured out how to hang it up yet. The pattern has instructions to mount it on a spool, so I may go that route. I have a little wall box for smalls like this, but I’m not sure the spool would fit.

You can never have too many large WIPs...

You can never have too many large WIPs…

Here’s the first of five parts of Santa’s Cabinet from SamSarah. I just got the hanger today (not that I’ll need it for a few more months). I think the next part comes out in August? I’ll know it’s time to start stitching again when it suddenly turns up in my mailbox. Merry Christmas!

So any guesses on if my stash is growing or shrinking as I stitch things?



Well now that you mention it...

Well now that you mention it…

Silver Needle had a grab bag sale for Little House Needleworks. I love Diane’s work and have little willpower, so here we go.

Seems like we've been here before.

Seems like we’ve been here before.

I’m also tackling Fun Every Day, the perpetual calendar SamSarah put out a few years ago. I tried stitching on the perforated paper, and it just did. not. work for me. These tend to have large, solid patches of color, which leave plenty of room to play with overdyed floss, hence the grid pattern up there. Once I fill it in, you’ll still be able to see the individual blocks in some places. Change it up a little so you don’t just get stripes.

So there you have it. Do we need a cat picture? I think we need a cat picture. Here’s Morty ready to strike.

Unleash the attack in 3, 2, 1...

Unleash the attack in 3, 2, 1…

Morty and Sherlock are on Facebook, by the way, because I’m so full of myself that I think the internet needs more of my cats. Enjoy!

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