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Just Kitting

Mail call! I got lots of fun goodies in the mail yesterday, including my materials for the upcoming Story Time Sampler SAL from Frosted Pumpkin. The first part of the pattern comes out January 15th, so there’s still plenty of time to join in. I got my materials as a kit from The Cottage Needle. Since I have all this new fun stuff that I have to sort through, I figured I’d do a post on kitting. Now, I’m cheating a little since the shop gathered everything up already, whereas I usually pick and choose my materials individually, so we’re going to skip that part.

So here we go. Here’s my floss. It’s a mix of Cosmo and Weeks. Cosmo is my not-overdyed floss of choice. It’s pricier than DMC, but the quality is so much better. It’s much easier to work with. I don’t get knots, and the ends don’t fray. It’s a little hard to find, and I think it turns up more in quilt shops than needlework shops. My floss looks nice and neat for the moment, but once I start stitching there are going to be loose bits and unkempt skeins all over the place. Let’s preemptively rein that in.

Agh so much pretty!

Agh so much pretty!

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