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TAST #1 – Fly Stitch

And now for something completely different.

Just go with the flow, please.

Just go with the flow, please.

“Okay Amy [I imagine you saying], what is this, and how did we get here?” I’m not really sure. Facebook told me to join a group (undoubtedly because I’m in a few other stitching groups), which led me to a blog, which led me back to the Facebook group, which led to another page in the same blog, which led to our poorly photographed leafy friends up there.

So here’s the thing. How much embroidery do you think I’ve done that isn’t cross stitch?

You’re looking at it. Brave new world.

TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesday) (I’m not organized, so it’s not actually Tuesday) is a stitchers’ challenge with 140 different stitches to work into a project. First up is the fly stitch, which I’ve turned into some fun little plants. That’s pretty much the only solid guideline, so I’m making up the rest as I go. I don’t have any real goal in mind (though I do see some fish amongst those ferns), but I have a bunch of small scraps of fabric from a grab bag sale that aren’t really big enough for anything else. I figure I’ll start filling one up, and when I run out of space, I’ll move on to the next piece. I guess we’ll see what happens.

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