On Pins and Needles

Or maybe just the pins. This weekend’s quick project was the Goodness and Grace pincushion from Shepherd’s Bush. The aforementioned needles come next, when I get around to the needle book.

I had slightly better luck with the sewing machine this time.

I had slightly better luck with the sewing machine this time.

Did I tell the story of how painful the scissor fob was? How the stitching went okay, but I just couldn’t sew the thing together? Well, this one went much better. It’s still a little lumpy in places and the corners look odd, but I did manage to assemble it correctly this time. I admit I’ve been putting this one off partly because I didn’t know how I was going to put it together. I assembled the scissor fob right side out, but since this one has regular backing fabric, I knew that wasn’t going to work again. I have no natural affinity for the sewing machine. There is a reason I don’t quilt. I once tried to make a pillow case, and I only laughed to keep from crying.

Here’s what I have so far for the Shepherd’s Fold:

Halfway there!

Halfway there!

The full set is six pieces. I have the needle book in the queue, and I’m standing by for the other two. The entire series was supposed to finish in January. Suffice to say, we’re off schedule, but it’s just as bell because I have too many other things in my stash (and I have zero self control so the stash just keeps growing).

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