Sky of Blue and Sea of Green

Didn’t I say just yesterday I wasn’t going to buy anything new for my stash until I’ve worked through some of the backlog? Don’t worry, I haven’t bought it yet, but I’m being severely tested.

Why? Because Sony gave permission for Blackbird Designs to distribute their “Yellow Submarine” pattern. I need it. Want? No. Need. Definitely need. Between the fact that it’s the Beatles (cue 1960s fangirl squeeee) and that I spent some time at sea, I need this pattern.

For a while there, I didn’t think I would ever have the chance.

The Magical Mystery Tour series of patterns is a good case study of the importance of copyright and trademark law, and I’m impressed with how Barb and Alma handled it. They made a mistake and corrected it, while other designers have blatantly disrespected the creative rights of others. Blackbird Designs solved this one the Right Way.

A few months ago, they announced 6 new patterns to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ performance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Four of the patterns were good to go, but two had some hiccups. “Octopus’s Garden” contained copyrighted lyrics, and “Yellow Submarine” contained the trademarked image of the eponymous sub.

When a shop owner pointed out the violations, Blackbird Designs immediately pulled the two patterns and contacted Startling Music, Ltd., and Sony ATV. “Octopus’s Garden” got the thumbs up back in October, and last week Alma announced that “Yellow Submarine” was also approved. Huzzahs all around!

I think this is an important story. I see a lot of designs (on Etsy in particular, but scattered about everywhere) that draw on copyrighted and trademarked elements. Maybe some designers don’t understand the laws. Maybe some just don’t care. Whatever the case, they don’t confront the issue properly as Blackbird Designs did. They just keep selling. I remember one ironic moment when a designer who’s entire shop was built on trademark infringement found their patterns posted on someone else’s site. It was very uncomfortable, because the industry is severely hurting from illegal pattern sharing (cough Pinterest cough) but the designer was guilty of a similar violation.

So kudos to Blackbird Designs, and congratulations on the happy resolution! I’m going to spend the next three days agonizing over my decision to stop adding to my stash. Inevitably, I’ll pull out my laptop in the middle of the night, resolution be darned, and buy it. After I click the button, I’ll say, “Oops. Nothing I can do about it now.” I’ve been through this scene before. The overwhelming majority of my stash was purposely bought in the middle of the night when I knew the logical side of my brain had checked out until morning. At least I’m predictable.

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Piggies and a Phoenix

At last some forward momentum! There are new patterns coming out at the beginning of April, so I needed to finish the March stuff while I still could. Knowing me, once I fall behind I’ll just give up and do something else with my time. Which would sure be a waste of all this fancy fabric and such.

So here are some piggies!


For the longest time I thought those radishes were grape bunches. Had no idea why they weren’t purple all over; perhaps they’d faded in the sun?

Also channeled some Harry Potter with the March Magical Creatures block.

Dumbledore Harry Potter Sorting Hat Expecto Patronum!

Dumbledore Harry Potter Sorting Hat Expecto Patronum!

So in my usual procrastinating style, I finished everything on time, just at the last minute. Keep in mind this is the girl who kept finding things to fix on her thesis up until 7am the day it was due.

I finally got back to work on the gift sampler.  Still no pictures until the big day. I had some of the colors completely wrong, but fortunately I wasn’t very far and only had to rip out a few rows.

As for my two wee little roommates? Well, either they’re free spirits or just a little slow, but I don’t think this is the usual way to sit in a box.

What are you looking at, woman? This is totally how it's done.

What are you looking at, woman? This is totally how it’s done.

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Who Invited You?!


It’s always tough to start from the beginning (when I write I often start from the middle; details like the beginning can wait until later). So what’s going on here? Plenty of beginnings.

First of all, I cross stitch. Based on the header image, clearly something crafty is going on here, and that craftiness is primarily stitching. I’ve been at it a while; I taught myself how to stitch using a kit my grandmother gave me when I was 10 or 12 or something like that. I did the occasional small project with significant gaps (like, years) in between. At some point in college, I picked it up again. Seems like something I would have done to procrastinate on my thesis. That’s how I ended up with this fun thing:

It's dangerous to go alone. Take this.

It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this. Maybe when you hit your enemies in the face with a pillow, they’ll be confused enough that you can get away. Or something.

Oh yeah. I’m a nerd.

But wait! You said “beginnings,” as in plural, as in multiple things going on. Nice catch, I did indeed (I’m an English major, so you can bet I did that on purpose). I’ve recently uprooted my entire life and moved across the country. New job. New social life. Oh snap. And when I say “across the country,” it’s pretty much as far across as possible; I started out on one ocean and ended up on the other. How’s that for a beginning? Everyone I’ve met so far as pretty much responded with, “Wait, you did what?

So there you go. A twenty-something former English major/amateur astronomer restarting life on the left coast and cross stitching her way along. We’ll see what happens.

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