February WIPocalypse

Oh wow, it’s February? How did that happen? Then again, in my mind it’s still October 2009.

Oh February. I haven’t posted in a few weeks and haven’t done much stitching since I finished the Alice and Co. block. Sadly, one of the cats has been sick, and it’s exhausting being a grown up. He’ll be okay, but it’s a chronic problem that I’ll have to actively manage for the rest of his life. In general, the cats have been good about rolling with the punches, but our daily routine has changed just enough that all three of us are pissed off at each other.

Sad cat is sad.

Sad cat is sad.

So here’s what little stitching I managed to do before all the cat drama kicked off:

I didn't fully appreciate how big this pattern was until I unfolded the fabric all the way.

I didn’t fully appreciate how big this pattern was until I unfolded the fabric all the way.

That’s the first part of Serenity Harbor, stitched with one strand of silk over two on 36 ct. linen. This is my piece for the Stitchy Start blog.

February’s WIPocalypse question is: How do you overcome that feeling that you’re in a rut with a particular project?

I have to walk away. I try not to have too many projects going on at once, so I usually stop stitching for a few weeks. I go do something else, go outside for some fresh air. After a bit, I’ll come back and jump right back in. If a project is really hurting, I might just pack it away and move onto something else.

I should write more, but in the meantime I have to go babysit two cats who won’t eat (one because I changed his food, and the other because he’s sad he can’t eat with his brother anymore). We’ll get through this.

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2 thoughts on “February WIPocalypse

  1. Serenity Harbor looks lovely. Hope your kitty feels better.

  2. It’s always a shame when furbabies are ill :( That’s some lovely detail on those flowers though :)

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