January WIPocalypse

What a week. Or maybe I should just say what a month instead. You know how just about everything stopped everywhere over the holidays? Yeah, no, I worked through them. And I was putting in a crazy number of extra hours to meet a deadline. I’m exhausted, and I did something weird to my elbow. Time to burn a few vacation days.

It’s tough to stitch when you’re this worn out (and when your elbow is messed up). I had to frog and stitch the same little section three times in a row the other day. The last few nights I’ve just stared at my stitching in a vague stupor before putting it down without a single stitch and going to sleep instead.

So let’s talk about WIPocalypse. January’s topic is: Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!

Me. I’m a 20-something from California who works too much and spends the rest of her time waiting on two cats hand and foot. Their lives pretty much revolve around sleeping, eating, pooping, and sitting in boxes.

Right now I’m focusing on Once Upon a Time from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. I started this one back at the beginning of 2014, and it’s time to finish it. My goal is to finish before the next Frosted Pumpkin pattern comes out on the 15th. This weekend would sure be great. I have made some progress since I last posted about it, so I haven’t been completely useless.

So close, yet so far.

So close, yet so far.

Let’s take a closer look at Red and “Granny.”

What giant, bespectacled eyes you have.

What giant, bespectacled eyes you have.

I almost forgot Granny’s glasses. I actually posted it on Facebook without the backstitching, but then looking at the picture I realized the wolf’s face looked really weird without them. Wolf’s got kind of a Professor Trelawny thing going on.

Goals for this year? I want to keep the pace on the two SAL projects I have lined up, Story Time (have the materials but no pattern) and Serenity Harbor (have the pattern but no materials). Other than that, I just need to work through my stash. Maybe I’ll say I won’t buy anything else until I’ve made some progress. I’m not convinced I can keep my word on that point.

So how are the kittens? Just spiffy. We’ve been watching a lot of David Attenborough documentaries lately, and when I say “we” I’m not just being all crazy cat lady. The cats have been just as absorbed as I have, if not more so. Don’t believe me? Pics or it didn’t happen, right?

I'm a big cat too. Rawr! See?

I’m a big cat too. Rawr! See?

Can haz big birdie?

Can haz big birdie?

For the record, yes, Morty once raced into the room, scaled the cat tower, and roared in what I’m sure he thought was a fearsome manner.

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2 thoughts on “January WIPocalypse

  1. Such a wonderful sampler! I’m enjoying watching this one grow!!

  2. I had never seen that Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery piece until yesterday, and now I’ve seen it three times in two days. It is absolutely adorable!! I’m thinking I might take it as a sign and join the 2015 one. :-)

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