Just Kitting

Mail call! I got lots of fun goodies in the mail yesterday, including my materials for the upcoming Story Time Sampler SAL from Frosted Pumpkin. The first part of the pattern comes out January 15th, so there’s still plenty of time to join in. I got my materials as a kit from The Cottage Needle. Since I have all this new fun stuff that I have to sort through, I figured I’d do a post on kitting. Now, I’m cheating a little since the shop gathered everything up already, whereas I usually pick and choose my materials individually, so we’re going to skip that part.

So here we go. Here’s my floss. It’s a mix of Cosmo and Weeks. Cosmo is my not-overdyed floss of choice. It’s pricier than DMC, but the quality is so much better. It’s much easier to work with. I don’t get knots, and the ends don’t fray. It’s a little hard to find, and I think it turns up more in quilt shops than needlework shops. My floss looks nice and neat for the moment, but once I start stitching there are going to be loose bits and unkempt skeins all over the place. Let’s preemptively rein that in.

Agh so much pretty!

Agh so much pretty!

And here’s my fabric. This bluish gray is not to be confused with the grayish blue I also got yesterday for a completely different project. What can I say; I like bluish grayish things. The catch? Only two sides of my fabric are finished. Fortunately I got a corner piece, but that still leaves two sides to unravel as soon as I start handling it. I have very limited skill with my sewing machine, but this much I can do. There’s enough extra fabric here to put a zigzag stitch along the edge with plenty of space to spare (I haven’t done the math recently, but in general the minimum is 2-3 inches beyond your pattern on each side). I haven’t actually done that part yet (my work table is rather buried at the moment), so no pictures of the finished fabric. For the moment I’ll just fold it back up in its tissue paper and put it away.

Close up of one finished side and one unfinished side, just waiting to unravel.

Close up of one finished side and one unfinished side, just waiting to unravel.

Let’s jump back to the floss. I don’t do bobbins. Too time consuming, and what do you do with all the little loose bits? These days I’m using ziploc bags and index cards.

Nothing says "crafty" like snack bags and index cards...

Nothing says “crafty” like snack bags and index cards…

I have a bag and a card for every skein. I write the number on one corner of the card and the manufacturer on the other. For my overdyed flosses, I’ll also write the name on there.

Tedious? Sure, but it saves sanity in the long run.

Tedious? Sure, but it saves sanity in the long run.

The whole thing goes in the snack bag. Once I’m done with the project, I’ll file it away in my little mini cabinet sorted by brand and in numerical order. If I was super intense, I’d also put the DMC equivalent on the card for cross reference since so many patterns just list DMC, but that was one step too far. If I try to be too organized, I just throw up my hands and give up. It’s all about balance.

One down. A heck of a lot to go.

One down. A heck of a lot to go.

Once all my floss is bagged, I’ll put everything (floss and fabric) into a big gallon bag. This whole kit shipped in a zipped bag that just happens to be almost-but-not-quite-but-close-enough the size I need, so I’ll just pop it all in there. This does not solve the issue of finding floss quickly while working, since it’s all just thrown in together, but I guess if I had enough floss to sort through I could put everything in a box in order. This isn’t even remotely at that stage, so into the bag it goes. I count 23. That’s not bad. For comparison, Serenity Harbor is closer to 50.

Is it just me, or does it all suddenly take up more space?

Is it just me, or does it all suddenly take up more space?

So there you have it. That’s how I organize my new projects. How do you organize?

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4 thoughts on “Just Kitting

  1. I used to keep mine like that but the bags had hole punches that fit into a binder. It made them easier to find what I needed as I stitched. Now mine are on bobbins. Good point about what to do with small pieces…will have to think on that one.

    • I used to use rings (still have quite a few rings sitting around). If I didn’t have my mini drawer/cabinet thing, I’d probably still use the rings.

  2. I have been in a 2 week debate on whether or not to join the Frosted Pumpkin SAL. I LOVE their designs, but have yet to stitch one. I may be taking on more than I can handle. I personally started using bobbins, although my Grandmother did prefer plastic bags. I just need them tiny and organized or I’ll lose them!!

    • I went back and forth for a while. I had trouble keeping up with Once Upon a Time month to month with my other projects going at the same time, but since the new pattern is smaller with less stitching per month, I decided to go along with it.

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