A Look Ahead

New year, new goals, etc. etc. blah blah blah. So what are we looking at for 2015?

First of all, the infamous WIPs. Once Upon a Time is first on the list if I can’t finish it in the next five days (which I bet I can’t). I have three blocks to go. I really want to get this one finished before the 2015 Frosted Pumpkin SAL kicks off (Jan 16ish). OUAT is sitting on my desk right now, staring at me. “Stiiiitch meeee…..” it says. I’m still recovering from Mystic Christmas, but OUAT is so blessedly easy compared with that.

Next up is Something Wicked. Part 1 is done, 2 more to go. It also has a lagniappe. I’m maybe 2/3 through the first section. Part 1 took more effort than I was expecting from it’s size (filling in the moon, I guess), but it’s certainly doable. Not sure how I feel about Halloween stitching in February, but considering the alternative is waiting until fall and inevitably missing Halloween again? Let’s just get this one done and over with.

As for the others, the Spring Band Sampler has gone back in my stash until I work my way down to it again. I’ve lost a little of my enthusiasm for Quilty Stitches and a lot of my enthusiasm for Magical Creatures, but since I hate to leave things half finished, I’ll try to circle back to them as I have time.

New projects! Fun and shiny!

I have two big projects for 2015. Serenity Harbor Sampler from By the Bay kicks of 3 January, with one section released each month over the year. This isn’t a mystery SAL; the full picture is already out there. Allegedly the fabric is turning up in the mail today. No word on when my floss is shipping. I’m working on this one for the 2015 Stitchy Start SAL.

I also have the Story Time Sampler from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. It starts mid-January, then releases at the beginning of each month after that. Materials should arrive today or tomorrow.

Other than those big, ongoing projects, I have a lot in my stash. I haven’t really gone through everything and put them in order, but I know I want to do From Sea to Shining Sea (Little House Needleworks) first and Candy Cane Cottage (The Victoria Sampler) sometime before Christmas. Then there’s the pin keep from Shepherd’s Fold, plus the next three kits whenever they happen to be released. I’m restarting the Fun Every Day perpetual calendar from SamSarah on aida rather than perforated paper. We’ll see how it all falls into place. I want to avoid adding anything new to my stash, but I’ve said that before and it’s never worked out.

So there you have it. I’ll try to get a little more of OUAT out of the way before the new year, but then we’re off and running.

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