Very Quilty

Lots of new patterns (or segments of patterns) were released in the last week. Quilty Stitches 6 on Monday, Once Upon a Time Three Bears on Tuesday, and Magical Creatures Gnome also on Tuesday. I’m not sure exactly when the April Calendar Girl from Little House Needleworks came out, but I just got a shipping notice for my copy. The 2014 Shepherd’s Fold either shipped this week or is about to ship; I’m not signed up for that one because while I like the color scheme and the wee sheep, the box it’s designed for is pretty pricey. I also got the April issue of World of Cross Stitch, and I feel a little let down. I usually find two or three patterns in each issue I like and figure I break even, but this time around I only found one for the maybe pile. There is a pattern from the Historical Sampler Company which is nice (I’m a big fan of their patterns and have a few in my stash to work on), but it’s a birth sampler and no one close to me is having babies at the moment. The free gift was a kit for two butterfly cards; I’ll probably do that at some point. But overall, not thrilled.

Prior to all this, I knocked out some more of the Quilty Stitches sampler. I was pretty far behind, but I finished blocks 3 and 4 and am almost finished with block 5. I think I’ve also decided what I want to do with the border.

Also of note, I finally went back to the first square and fixed the fractional stitches:

Kindly compare this...

Kindly compare this… this.

…to this.

As I’ve said before, I generally don’t put the diagonal stitch on my fractionals and just leave them like they are in the second picture, but that really doesn’t work with this pattern.

So here’s where we are overall:

Not thrilled about the red in block 4, but it's what I had in my stash.

Not thrilled about the red in block 4, but it’s what I had in my stash.

I’m almost done with 5, but I won’t post it until I’ve done the last few stitches. Care to stitch along? Here are the links for blocks three and four. Fun stuff.

Meanwhile Goldilocks is sitting on my desk making me feel like a lazy slacker because the bears don’t even have faces yet. Creepy. Though not as creepy as when the three pigs were still faceless.

No real cat stories today, just the introduction of the Karate Kitty:

Still acts like a kitten even though he's definitely not kitten-sized anymore.

Still acts like a kitten even though he’s definitely not kitten-sized anymore.

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