March WIPocalypse

Safe to say, I’m just behind on everything right now. I don’t even have a good excuse; while work is more stressful than it was, say, a month ago, things are still ridonkulously chill compared to life last fall when I was working on Gingerbread Lane. Behind on my monthly stitching, and totally behind just getting my WIPocalypse post up. I think this was supposed to be March 16. Oops.

This month’s topic is to show your favorite places to stitch. I do the majority of my stitching at my desk at home–comfy desk chair, easy view of the TV, easy access to patterns on my computer. I’m not going to show you a picture, since at any given moment it looks like a hurricane passed through. I’ve done okay keeping the rest of the apartment relatively free of chaos (and naturally as soon as I said that two cats sprinted through the blinds and almost tore everything apart. I leave the chaos generation to them these days), so I’m okay with my desk being the lone holdout.

I did have a bout of creativity at the beginning of the month; it’s hardly worth reposting the pictures since it’s the next post down (but here’s a link). In summary, I stitched and framed the fern from Nature’s Trio. One left in that series, and then I’ll never have to stitch on aida again (I’m being spoiled by linen). I stitched and sort-of-framed the March Calendar Girl from Little House Needleworks. I say sort-of-framed because while it’s in a frame, the frame had no hardware, so it’s just kind of sitting in there. The next time I buy frames I’ll get the rest of the bits and bobs to fix it. Finally, I framed my two Christmas pieces from last year, 12 Days and Gingerbread Lane. Several people have asked me about my process, so the next time I frame something I’ll take pictures and post a walkthrough.

I have made a small amount of progress since my last post. I’ve been sloooowly chipping away at the March Once Upon a Time block. I’d say I’m more than halfway through, but it’s somehow taken me three weeks to do three days worth of stitching (if that–I should have been able to finish it in a weekend).

Cheshire pigs?

Cheshire pigs?

As for the thing I didn’t work on… I haven’t even started the March Magical Creatures block (it’s a phoenix), and I’m three blocks behind on Quilty Stitches (and no, I have yet to go back and fix the awkward partial stitches on the first block). Hopefully this month I’ll be a little more productive.

On the non-stitching side of things (but still in the creative hemisphere), I finally gave in and bought Wreck This Journal, so expect to see some of that. Spoiler–there’s a page that requires stitching! I’ll need to think that one through before I poke it full of holes. I’ve had it a week and it’s already pretty destroyed, which I guess means I’m doing it right.

Most of my last month has been spent convincing cats that it isn’t so awful to have their teeth brushed. I mean, it’s still pretty awful, but they’re gradually figuring out that the less they squirm the sooner they get treats. Little do they know I’m giving them dental treats! Mwa ha ha! As an introductory story to the inevitable cat pictures, when the cats first moved in, I had a closed suitcase out in the open. They quickly decided it was the Best Thing Ever. So I figured two champion nappers needed something of their very own that gave them the same cozy perch (while allowing me to finally put my crap away). So maybe I bought a kitty bunk bed.

I think you're missing the point.

I think you’re missing the point.

Professor Moriarty figured it out first.

Professor Moriarty figured it out first.

You guys realize that has two levels, right?

You guys realize that has two levels, right?

Now you're on the trolley.

Now you’re on the trolley.!


That’s all for now! See you later after I’ve finally gotten off my rear and accomplished something!


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4 thoughts on “March WIPocalypse

  1. LOVE your kitty pics! Want a great bunk bed!! And it sounds like you got a lot of framing done! I need to get on with some of that :)

  2. Scrapbrat1

    Lovely work, and I love the kitty bed thing!

  3. typenstitch

    Your Once Upon a Time stitching is so cute! I love the fabric! I found your blog through the WIPocalypse check-in page. The kitty bunkbed is perfect! I love the progression of photos until they finally figured it out! Ha!

    • The fabric is Crystal Doubloon from I strongly recommend them! I’ve been happy with every piece of fabric I’ve ordered so far.

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