The Dreaded Floss Bin

I can’t stand shopping for floss in person.

I mean, I want to be able to see all the colors in real life and feel all the textures before I buy it (not to mention saving shipping costs), but ugh. It’s always such a disappointment to dig through that floss bin.

My complaint isn’t even that you can really only get DMC unless you are lucky enough to live near a specialty shop (if I do, I haven’t found it yet). When I can shop for floss in person, I don’t have much choice except the big chains. Michael’s, Joann Fabrics, A.C. Moore, that sort of thing. There’s nothing wrong with those stores, but embroidery is not the big, money-making department. You get maybe an aisle of materials to work with. While the big chains generally have the full DMC display of 6-strand cotton floss, it’s a little sad once you dig in.

Inevitably, at least one of the colors I’m looking for is gone. So much for saving on shipping. Even better (“better”) is when the shade you want is full of randomly colored skeins of floss. Not just someone picks up a red, changes their mind, and puts it back in the wrong red. No no, I mean blue, green, and purple thrown into a red slot with absolutely no red in sight.

I won’t judge a store if like shades get mixed together (though I will be irritated). I will judge a store if colors have clearly been put back in the wrong slot. That tells me none of the employees are walking through that aisle thinking about merchandising. A quick glance might not tell you like shades are mixed, but blue and yellow thrown in with the red? That’s just sloppy.

It’s frustrating, and in the end I don’t really come out ahead because I have to buy the missing flosses online anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand why the big stores don’t take the embroidery as seriously. These stores certainly have their strengths, but it still puts me in a bad mood whenever I go in.

On to other things.

If you’re looking to join in on Once Upon a Time, February’s block is now out, starring a cute little frog and lots of smooches. Also, the second block for Quilty Stitches came out earlier this week.

Finally, I was able to get started on the Magical Creatures calendar from CloudsFactory. They also have some frogs and love going for February:

Two for the price of one: Finished January and February

Two for the price of one: Finished January and February.

Floss is a mix of Weeks Dye Works, DMC, and Sullivans. The white shows up better in person and is actually glow-in-the-dark DMC. I’m not a fan of this floss. The effect is fun, but the texture just drives me nuts. It’s too slick, and the plies don’t stay together. With two strands, that’s four plies trying to escape the needle. I couldn’t even thread the darn stuff until I switched to a larger needle.

I actually ordered a second piece of fabric for this project, but since it had to be custom dyed I don’t have it yet. I decided just to use this cut so that A) I wouldn’t have to sit on this project for a few more weeks, and B) I don’t know what the rest of the pattern looks like, so I don’t want to risk my new fabric clashing with something I haven’t seen yet.

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