Who Invited You?!


It’s always tough to start from the beginning (when I write I often start from the middle; details like the beginning can wait until later). So what’s going on here? Plenty of beginnings.

First of all, I cross stitch. Based on the header image, clearly something crafty is going on here, and that craftiness is primarily stitching. I’ve been at it a while; I taught myself how to stitch using a kit my grandmother gave me when I was 10 or 12 or something like that. I did the occasional small project with significant gaps (like, years) in between. At some point in college, I picked it up again. Seems like something I would have done to procrastinate on my thesis. That’s how I ended up with this fun thing:

It's dangerous to go alone. Take this.

It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this. Maybe when you hit your enemies in the face with a pillow, they’ll be confused enough that you can get away. Or something.

Oh yeah. I’m a nerd.

But wait! You said “beginnings,” as in plural, as in multiple things going on. Nice catch, I did indeed (I’m an English major, so you can bet I did that on purpose). I’ve recently uprooted my entire life and moved across the country. New job. New social life. Oh snap. And when I say “across the country,” it’s pretty much as far across as possible; I started out on one ocean and ended up on the other. How’s that for a beginning? Everyone I’ve met so far as pretty much responded with, “Wait, you did what?

So there you go. A twenty-something former English major/amateur astronomer restarting life on the left coast and cross stitching her way along. We’ll see what happens.

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